5 ways Delta Blues Rice will take your summer cookout up a notch

Rice might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a summer cookout, but the possibilities are endless when brainstorming ways to incorporate Delta Blues Rice into your next food fest. Below are just five ideas we came up with to kick your next cookout up a notch.

The snack before the snack
If your cookout is an all-day affair, you’ll probably need something for guests to munch on before you light up the grill. Using your breakfast grits leftovers, whip up our recipe for Southern-style Arancini, giving guests a handheld appetizer.

Something to hold you over
The coals are hot, but not hot enough to finish up the burgers or ribs as fast as you’d like. Load a bowl up with a couple heaping spoonfuls of Delta Rice Salad, and you’re all set. This recipe from Ally’s Kitchen is the perfect “first course” for your guests to enjoy.

Old faithful, with a twistDBR_creamy parmesan cheese rice grits
We’ve come up with the perfect way to liven up a traditional side dish. It’s got all the comforts of home while still satisfying your taste buds with a little something different—Creamy Parmesan Cheese Grits.

The main event
Now, this recipe isn’t on our website, but it’s one that you must try—Grilled Stuffed Peppers from Epicurious. If you’re looking for something a little different to cook on the grill this summer, this is your dish. Stuffed with our brown or white rice (pick your poison!), ground meat and spices, they’re flavorful and filling.

A sweet ending
A meal is never complete without dessert! For a simple yet satisfying sweet treat, try this recipe for Delta Rice Pudding from Chef Cole Ellis of Delta Meat Market. Serve it up warm or cold. You can’t go wrong either way!
Delta Rice Pudding
We love rice. We love summer. And, we love combining the two with a good ol’ cookout!

Tried it? Liked it? Have another great recipe to share? Let us know how you like including these ideas into your next meal! Share a photo of your Delta Blues Rice cookout creation on our Facebook page using the hashtag #sameplepack for a chance to win a Delta Blues Rice sample pack!

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