Meet the Arants

With 1,200 acres of rice to plant, harvest, mill, package AND ship, Delta Blues Rice is undoubtedly a team effort. The Arant family works together to ensure that you receive the tastiest single-variety rice products you have ever had! Let’s get to know ’em!


DBR farmers - David Arant Sr, Hugh Arant and David Arant Jr
David Sr., Hugh and David. Jr.

David Arant Sr.
David Arant Sr. has been farming since 1978. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in agricultural economics. David Sr. married his wife, Ann Elizabeth, in 1979 and the duo has three kids, David Jr., Mary Hunter Sharp, and Allen. True to form, David Sr. is an avid MSU Bulldog fan and a Dallas Cowboys fan, of course, now that former MSU quarterback Dak Prescott is running their offense. If you visit the farm around suppertime, you just might catch David Sr. enjoying his favorite dish—white rice with brown gravy, yum!

Hugh Arant
Also the man in charge, Hugh Arant is older brother to David Sr. Although Hugh does help out in the fields quite a bit during the busy season, on a typical day, you can find him holding down the fort in the farm office. He is in charge of bookkeeping, payroll, insurance requirements, scheduling, and attending meetings, and so much more. He ensures all the necessary tasks are taken care of to keep the farm up and running.


David Jr. and Rebekkah at Garden & Gun’s Made in the South Awards ceremony.

David Arant Jr.
Son to David Sr. and nephew to Hugh, David Jr. is the mastermind behind Delta Blues Rice. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in civil engineering, David entered the workforce and after 6 years, he decided it was time to return to his roots and help out on the farm. In 2014, the fourth-generation farmer wanted to fill a need for high-quality, affordable local rice in the market and decided to begin milling the rice and selling to the community. Thus, Delta Blues Rice was born.

Rebekkah Arant
Rebekkah—rice recipe extraordinaire—swept David Jr. off his feet when they met at Mississippi State. In 2006, the two were married. Rebekkah has been instrumental in the success of Delta Blues Rice by developing simple, yet delicious recipes for fans to enjoy. By fans, we not only mean those of you who love our rice; we also mean the couple’s three kiddos—Carver (7); Walker (5) and Hunter (2).

Want to know more about the Arant family and how they got their start living off the land more than 90 years ago? Check out the About Us page on our website.

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