Waterfowl Wonderland

Watching the ducks and geese migrate south is one of my favorite winter sights on the farm.  Thousands of Specklebelly Geese, Snow Geese, Mallards, Pintails, and many others species make their home in the Mississippi Delta during the winter months. This migration is exciting for everyone in the area, especially the hunters.   The geese and ducks feed in the flooded rice, corn, and soybean fields. In fact, farmers often flood their fields to provide a habitat for the waterfowl.  In return, the birds provide many natural benefits to the farmer.  Ducks and geese eat weed seeds, serving as a natural form of weed control, and they provide natural fertilizer for the soil.  It’s actually quite a symbiotic relationship.

As the ducks and geese begin migrating to the area in November, excitement literally fills the air.  The squawking chorus of birds can be heard for long distances and even through the walls of our house.  At the first sound of flocks flying overhead, our boys run to the windows and porches to watch the birds landing in the fields surrounding our home.  Running toward a field of geese and watching them take flight is a favorite pastime of our boys.  Last year we watched in amazement as the birds paid us a neighborly visit and spent the morning feeding in our driveway and flowerbeds.

Sometimes when the geese fly overhead they are thick enough to block out the sky.  As the geese land, they resemble a funnel cloud of birds. The video below shows a large flock of geese settling in our fields.  This flock is actually small compared to some that I have seen.  If you are ever driving through the Delta in the winter months be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this amazing sight.

To learn more about the rice that these birds help us to grow, please visit us at Delta Blues Rice.

This article is a great resource for  people wanting to know more  about the waterfowl passing through our area and how farmers and ducks benefit one another.

Here is a picture that we took today of the geese just outside of our yard.IMG_5274 1

2 thoughts on “Waterfowl Wonderland

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures/video. The Mississippi Delta is an amazing area and my two sisters arriving today will be enjoying it with me. We are all in our 70’s and we will start tomorrow traveling in the Delta in search of the geese and ducks. We visit the wildlife refuges and ride the levees too. Do you have any suggestions of an area that we might visit? I live in Yazoo City but we plan on staying in Cleveland, Ms. on Monday night to cover that area. Thanks again for sharing, most people do not know the treasure we have in the Delta.


    1. Hey Jean
      You are right the Delta is an amazing place. People easily overlook the beauty of area. As far as where to go to see ducks and geese,our area is halfway between Ruleville and Minter city on Highway 8. Lately there have been a lot of geese in the area but everyday is different. Unfortunately, in our area, the places that have ducks require you to go off-road just to see them. Have a good day and hopefully you will have success in finding what you are looking for.


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